Healing Voice APP

Healing Voice App 

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L' app è diviso in due parti:

Healing Voice, Messaggi e Suoni del cuore.

1. Healing Voice registrazioni in studio di registrazione.

2. Healing Voice live serate di gruppo.

Messaggi in italiano, in tedesco, in ungherese e in inglese. I messaggi sono stati registrati durante le serate di gruppo.

3. Suoni del cuore live

Ogni settimana potrete trovare nuovi Healing Voice.

Scarica l'app e rilassati.

Healing Voice is a spiritual sound healing through Krisztina's voice. Krisztina is a Medium.
A medium is a channel, a link between the visible and the invisible world. Krisztina channeling operates through her voice.
Healing Voice changes the personal frequencies and operates physically, emotionally and spiritually level. 

Healing Voice has 3 parts: 1. Sound Healing 2. Messages 3. Heart Melody
In this app you will find recorded Healing Voice, live sessions, messages from Krisztina's Spiritual Guides, and Heart Melodies to sing together.
Download the app now. Every 2 weeks new Healing Session are available.