The CLOUDS PROJECT Was Created In March 2013 Thanks To The Distinctive Use Of Voice By Krisztina Nemeth A Mediumistic Opera Singer. After The Evolution Of Her Healing Voice, Krisztina Felt The Need To Share Her Vocal Melodies With The Public, Accompanied By The Excellent Percussionist Gábor Ölvedi And Cellist Antonella Macchion, Whith Whom She Recorded "Clouds Project", A CD Produced By Quantic Records, In March 2013. For The First Live Performance In Trieste (Italy, 12-06-2013) Krisztina And Gábor Were Joined By The Extraordinary Cellist Endre Kertész. Owing To The Intense Flow Of Emotions And The Strong Musical Connection Among Them Krisztina Has Decided To Continue Performing In This Trio To Allow The Three Musicians To Bring Their Talents To Light And To Share Various Emotions With The Public. Clouds Project Is A Musical Project Where Sound Combines With Different Influences: Classical Music (Opera Voice And Cello), Improvisation, World Music (Percussions) And Spirituality. The Main Feature Of This Project Is Improvisation, Not Only With Melodies But Also With The Text, And Through Spontaneous Creation And Sensitive Listening Among Musicians And The Public. Words Flow, But They Are Not Necessarily Of A Known Language. The Theme Of The Concert And Of The Cd Is A Journey Towards Ourselves. The Power Of Sounds For An Unforgettable Journey To Freedom. This CD is an extraordinary, unforgettable journey. Now relax, push play and let the sound diffuse ascross the room or just put your headset on. Lay down in a comfortable position and start listening. It´s going to be an unordinary, deep journey. You are going to experience different emotional, sensorial states, while you´re being taken to a meditative, chatartic journey towards the light. There are 8 tracks plus 1 bonus track: 1. Relaxation 2. The Path 3. Unselfconsciousness 4. The Quest 5. Emcounter 6. Conversation 7. Enlightenment 8. Return 9. Bonus Track Just for download, please write me if you are interested:

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